• Located in Wanli District at the north coast of Taiwan, Futan Cemetery Park is 100 m high. The tower faces north and is adjacent to Badou Mountain to the east and Shiliu Mountain to the south; people can overlook Qixing Mountain, Song Mountain and Zhuzi Mountain at the southwest side of the tower.

    The tower is surrounded by mountains in three aspects and cascading and verdant maintains picture a gorgeous scene. While ridges of Qixing Mountain stand solidly and straight, peaks of Song Mountain undulate and the ridgeline resemble a kind face of Buddha, thus the name “Buddha’s Face Mountain”. The entire tower is covered under the light of Buddha’s face.

  • Surrounded by mountains in three aspects, Futan Cemetery Park faces the stiff east and the broad west; the shape of mountains at its right front resembles worship of dragons by lions and elephants. The mountains at the front of the tower undulate like several jade seals and jade pens in different sizes placed at the table, which symbolize the possession of “official titles”. At the front, Yuantan Creek wiggles across like a jade belt fastened at the waist of the prime minister, which expresses the meaning of “unlimited wealth” and “a number of men of others’ eminence”.

  • During four seasons, clouds and mists surround the tower, creating a poetic image. At the foot of the mountain to the west, clear Yuantan Creek wiggles around the tower; it is adjacent to East Sea to the north and overlooks Twin Candlestick Islets, Half Moon Bay, and Golden Beach at North Sea; it is next to the valley plain in Jinshan with thousand hectares to the left and cascading verdant mountains to the right, nestling Song Mountain and extending to the sky. Boasting grand demeanor of cascading mountains and beauty of water village, the tower is a rare fairyland on earth.


  • Solemn and Sacred Place Extraordinary Implications

    The main building of Futan Cemetery Park accounts for almost a thousand ping (a unit of area) and has nine floors. “Nine” is a positive number and symbolizes the 9th sky; it is deemed the upmost lucky number and has the meaning of “worshiping God and protecting souls”.

    The building has a round ceiling and square base, which means that the land contains the east, south, west and north side and the round ceiling represents no beginning or ending and the upmost God; the square shapes in the first to sixth floor represent reliable and steady spirit. The shapes in the seventh to ninth floor simulate Temple of Heaven in Beijing with the round dome symbolizing the completeness of mercy in life. The honorable main building in yellow has a solemn and magnificent exterior and is the representative of cemetery parks in 21 century.

  • Creative Space A Crowd of Stars Gathering Here

    The most distinct feature of columbariums in Futan Cemetery Park is customization. It can plan various layouts and personalized creative space based on different needs.

    The constructional materials are selected based on the highest quality and the standards of construction comply with each related national regulation, such as shockproof and fireproof constructional materials. The safest protective mechanism is built to secure privacy of ancestors and gather emotions among family members. As a result, the place is popular among celebrities in the entertainment industry, including the family of Yu Tian, the family of Lo Chih-Hsiang, Hung I-Feng, Ni Min-Jan, Chow Mei-Yee and Hsu Wei-Lun. This is one of reasons why Futan Cemetery Park has high popularity.

About Art

World of Brightness Quiet and Solemn

  • The space resonates the world of brightness and the blessing pure land build by Amitabha Buddha. With a simple and generous design, the bright and warm constructional materials are selected to create a pure and modern space, allowing visitors to feel simple, bright and comfortable phenomena. Just as recorded in Aparimitayur-sutra that the blessing pure land is where unlimited brightness and longevity stay. For the living, they can ask Buddha to protect them, enhance their wisdom, eliminate disasters and prolong their lives; for the deceased, they can continue practicing Buddhist rules under unlimited brightness and ultimately obtain unlimited longevity, becoming Buddhas and living in a quiet and solemn state of unlimited longevity.

  • People pass four seasons of life. When fall comes, trees stir leaves and face the chilly wind with their stiff bodies given that they know they cannot fight against it. Such escape is temporary, endurant, saves power, patient wait and a more hopeful choice; it is not a final ending. Once the time becomes mature, they sprout quickly and embrace spring ardently. Then, the tree of life is full of green images– regeneration.

    The hall at the entrance of the columbarium demonstrates a design of modernity, simplicity, brightness and warmth and provides clients with a comfortable and quiet space.


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