Fu Lu Tian Jing Cemetery

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Driving on the cloud, gathering the fortune

Fu Lu Cemetery is located at a west end of a LyingDragonCave in Fugang Plateau, which is a very unique position. The dragon’s mouth swallows all positive air and good luck, and the dragon is ready to fly into the sky. From the aspect of Chinese Feng-shui, this is a cave that can bring wealth, fortune and fame to descents. In addition, the shape of Fu Lu Cemetery is like a dragon that is holding a pearl. The dragon is lying here comfortably and ready for everything. In this treasure land, there is water on the left and a dragon on the right; all fortune come from the front, and support by the KangMountain behind. This is a precise site containing three exclusive elements for a wealth future that described on the Chinese Feng-shui scripture: a dragon lying, perfect position, a golden pearl in head.


Pure sky, Spiritual ground, Wealthy people

Fu Lu Cemetery has an open view with forests. Appropriate humidity brings a nice and comfortable air around the place. Lots of trees are going to plant in this area, including Tungoil Tree, Yuletide camellia and Pink Ixora. This site is a mixture of Fung-shui and nature, which is a precious land of pure sky, spiritual ground and wealthy people.


Peaceful land ‧Transmit fortune to descendants

In order to bring a VIP-level service to our customers, we arrange an individual worship space. The unique relief of Ksitigarbha let the deceased start his/her journey toward west pure land under the bodhisattva’s protection and glory. This is also a place for us to recall our memories with the deceased and pray good wills for him/her.


Precious stone material‧Eternally perfect design

Design of CremationCemetery

Dark brown and red granite imported from India is chosen as the material of the cemetery cover. The stone with red patterns and brown color has great brightness. As one of the strongest and high wear resistance building materials, it is antifouling and has high acid and alkali resistance. This granite is a high-end product in granite market. Due to the rich volume of quarrying and continuous attraction, it is widely used in indoor and outdoor constructions around the world.

The layout is based on western cemetery, using simple and poised structure to demonstrate the sense of noble family. The classic design is suitable for being transmitted to descendants, which will stand the test of time.

Design of Cemetery

Shanxi Black and gray granite are chosen for the cemetery. The color is named as Imperial Black, which shows the dignity and unique characteristic from the soft texture of its gloss. Shanxi Black has been world widely considered as one of high-quality materials because of its even structure, beautiful gross and smooth texture. The hard texture, delicacy, high wind-resistance, corrosion and wearing resistance of gray granite have increased the extraordinary elegance of Shanxi Black. Mixed using of these two stones and their colors present a modern and poised image of this cemetery which decorated with elegant pattern without specific religion. The color has three layers, from the central of the grave seat to outward are polished black, matte light gray, polished dark gray in sequence. Three different textures and surfaces raise the level of sculpture and increase the diversity of the cemetery.

Design of FamilySizeCemetery

The family product adopts the concept of sacrificial altar, where a niche for a statue of Buddha is placed at the top, and the case of ashes is placed at the bottom. The frame of columbarium is made of Pink Granite and matched with a sculpture of Buddha. The sculpture is made of Hunan white marble, using neat and clean lines to present a vivid image of Buddha.

The lower panel is made of Shandong granite. Shandong granite has well quality, with bright surface, corrosion and wearing resistance. This stone is high in iron. The outstanding design is classic and suitable to be transmitted to future generations, which will be lasting forever.

Two specifications are provided: Delicate Family with 24 urns; Garden Family with 36 urns. Fu Lu Cemetery also offers varies kinds of cemetery to create a new look of it.

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