Liu Li Guang Premium Double Size Columbarium

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Product Features

Glass Statue.Support of Seven Buddhas

The glass statue of Pharmacists Tathagata is embedded in the golden panel. 12 yaksha/yakshi surround Pharmacists Tathagata and protect Buddhist land and mortals all year around. Seven Buddhas link and reflect each other and demonstrate a colorful brilliance. Seven merits and seven reflections make all aspects of life protected by Buddhas. 


Family Safety.Wealth and Completeness 

While worshiping ancestors, family members may worship Pharmacists Tathagata as well to obtain the protection from it, which may make every aspect of life complete, including health, interpersonal relationship, wisdom, fame and wealth. At the same time, the acceptance of Pharmacists Tathagata may protect the family from any disaster and misfortune.


Complete Interpersonal relationship.Help of man of one’s eminence 

“Liu Li Guang Premium Double Size Columbarium” is located at Guang Zhi Area. The guardian of Buddha is Wisdom and Eloquence Buddha who takes charge of emotions and protects the completeness of interpersonal relationship. It may protect people’s interpersonal relationship and make them popular and receive help from men of their eminence. 


Honored quality‧Symbol of prominence 

The room is designed with golden-painted flower-carved altars for the first time; the panel is delicately plated with 24K gold and embedded with Austrian crystals, which shine brilliantly. The plaque is built with glass and the candlesticks and vases are built with refined steel, which twinkles with a golden color and decorated with interweaving patterns. The delicate and gorgeous design creates a graceful and high-key confidence. The grand and luxurious texture reflects the honorable identity and extraordinary taste.


Glass statue of Buddha.De-waxing

The handmade de-waxing casting technique is inherited from the ancient technique of Egyptian royalty for carving solemn statues of Buddhas. It is the technique adopted by famous artists to carve artistic works. The procedure is complex and difficult and the cost is high. Only by this technique can the gentle and vivid disposition of Buddhas be present, which shows the rare and precious value of columbarium.


Panel Design

The concept of design is based on Pharmacists Tathagata. The Clamp Panel is embedded with Pharmacists Tathagata and surrounded by silver semicircle image of 12 yaksha/yakshi. The seven Buddhas are built with transparent glass; the panel is plated with 24K gold. The middle of seven Buddhas is a main Buddha surrounded in circle by the other six ones and the 12 yaksha/yakshi form a square, which constitute a shape of inner circle covered by outer square. The inner circle and outer square are the symbol of Heaven and Earth, presenting a grand demeanor. It also reminds people to handle things with diplomacy and avoid going beyond principles.

Embedded with rhinestone with seven colors as well as colorful light, the periphery of seven Buddhas symbolizes Pharmacists Tathagata and spreads the light of Pharmacists Tathagata. The seven merits and seven aspects make all aspects of life protected by light of Buddhas. 12 semicircles are designed on the panel to indicate 12 wishes proposed by Pharmacists Tathagata to salvage all pains of mortals. Pharmacists Tathagata covers all scopes of aloofness and worldliness and makes all aspects of life complete. Placing urns of family members inside may make your wishes satisfied.


Product Specifications

Floor: G3F Guang Zhi Area at Eastern Lazuli Lapis Pure Land.

Capacity: Basically two urns; four urns at most (The maximum size of urn: The diameter of 22 cm and the height of 25 cm).

Number of Layer: 4

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