The shape of Fugan Cemetery Park is similar to a lying dragon; the place gathers water from everywhere with plains surrounding by, which boasts a proverb that “Water flows from the mountain to green fields and brings descendents wealth and well-being”. A moat surrounding the place is green and vital; flows of water sound like a melody and the wind settles here, which gathers sources of wealth from everywhere. The park and water is clearly separated and abundant water flows inside from everywhere, which eliminates disasters and brings descendents wealth.


In spring, the park is decorated with purple flowers of chinaberry.

In summer, people can see shade of subcostate crape myrtle everywhere

In fall, fragrances of maple accompany the park earnestly.

In winter, people may encounter deciduous cypresses. Beautiful scenes in four seasons can be thoroughly appreciated in the park, making it an ideal place for retreat.

About Art

The park is the top fairyland on earth, paradise of memory in Taoyuan area. Here, the distance between us is not about life and death; it is about the eternal connection between emotions; people can find the most perfect touch together. Here, in the ideal villa area with abundant and various green planting, people may release souls of the dead and pray for the living. It will be the most solemn and beautiful memory.

The cemetery cover is made of “Tehran” stone; due to its elegant color and various crystals, it enjoys a beautiful name “The Plum Blossom on Snow”. It is applicable to building materials for the exterior of buildings after being polished; thus, it is more expensive than common granite. Exposed under brilliant sunlight in the green land and with an accurate quality of construction, each stone reflects different colors and demonstrates a elegant and exceptional demeanor.


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