Lungyen Charitable Foundation

Lung Yen Charitable Foundation

Established in July, 2001, we dedicated to assisting vulnerable groups to prepare for funerals for their beloved ones these days. We have collaborated with Lung Yen, assisted in free funeral services for years, making free funeral services ubiquitous, we not only won the Excellence Awards in 2014 evaluated by Ministry of Health and Welfare, but Lung Yen also won “ Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility” rated by CommonWealth Magazine(天下雜誌) 

We are looking forward to spreading the concept of “Prepare of a good end of life for yourself.”, retrieving the decision-making power of people’s own lives, and therefore we’ve held some charitable lectures and concerts, strived for the performing chances for those who are handicapped or blind. In addition, in response to “A Gift that Saves Lives(捐血一袋,救人一命)”, we held countrywide blood donation activity, and collaborated with Futzer Social Foundation(福澤慈善基金會), dedicated to delivering meals for senior citizens who live in solitude, providing scholarships for students in need in remote districts, and so on. We assisted in those in need, we pass love, and perpetuate lives.

Charitable Service: Free Funeral Help

For those vulnerable families who lost their beloved ones, we provide free funeral help. With local governments or social affairs sections’ referrals, after being ratified by our foundation, Lung Yen Co. will immediately offer high quality funeral services, including: transport the deceased, set up mourning hall, coffining, ceremony preparation, cremation and help sealing the urn, assist in entering the columbarium and burial, and the following care ( Columbarium and burial are not included.).

Service Area: Taiwan. (Nearby islands are not included.)

Qualifications:With local governments or social affairs sections’ referrals, who conform to the terms of low income or low and middle income, after being ratified by our foundation, Lung Yen Co. will immediately offer high quality funeral services.

Required documents:

(1)   Application Form for Free Funeral Help (ßClick to download)

(2)   Qualifications for allowances (Low income or low and middle income certificates provided by government or Chief of Village. )

(3)   Identity Document (Photocopy for your ID card, household registration transcript or disability card…etc.)

(4)   Certificate of Diagnosis certified by doctor of medicine, or Certificate of Death.

Service Flow:



Post Office Giro  Number 19606928  Name:財團法人龍巖社會福利慈善事業基金會

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