Lian Garden

The beauty of Interior

With the spirit inspired by Oriental temples, which feature clearness, serenity, and tranquility.

Combined with Dhyana Buddhism, Pure Land Buddhism, and Tantric, LianGarden follows the rule of nature and adheres to the principles of Tathagata.

As to positioning, “Originates(Which refers to ‘qi (起)’)” from its terrain and guidance, “followed (cheng (承))” by the fosse and palace, the “transit(zhuan (轉))” in the main hall, and eventually “integrate (ho(合))” in the columbarium tower.

The overall exterior appearance of LianyuanCemeteryPark is simple but gorgeous, with considerate planning of its interior design. It is undoubtedly a stunning columbarium with plentiful functions.



Located at Jian Township, which is next to southern Hualian city, surrounded by Coastal Mountains Range on the east and extending to Pacific Ocean, the stunning East Rift Valley on the west, and Mukua River on the south, which is filled with bountiful local characteristics, not only being abundant in natural sightseeing resources, but near to urban area.

The building faces the trench and back to the mountains, magical atmosphere comes with the wind. The main hall faces the stream and looks out into mountains. When considering Feng-shui, it is located at a nice place, so-called “the green dragon on the left, the white tiger on the right, the preceding phenix and the black warrior on the back.” Flawless geographical conditions make Lianyuan a perfect columbarium tower. 


Interior Design

Inherited TrueDragonTower’s complete interior design, we focused not only on 3 main services, which refer to columbarium, worship area, and places to enter the columbarium and burial, but visiting, procedures services, security management and so on. In addition, providing exquisite, comfortable, discrepancy design is our main goal.

  1. Route Planning – Obvious and clear circulations for relatives, worshipping, entering columbarium and vehicles.
  2. Functional Services – Differentiation of serene columbarium and solemn funeral.
  3. Time Discrepancy - We take the timing difference between ritual services and time to enter columbarium in consideration.
  4. Services – Service facilitation results from combination of the administrative center and Information center.


Opening hours:9:00 a.m.-16:30 p.m.

If additional services are needed in non-opening hours, please reserve by phone 3 days before.