Complete Professional Training

Funeral Director plays a very crucial role in funeral ceremony procedures. In order to provide customers with best quality services, Lungyen Group has more strict hiring criteria and process on the funeral team compared to other competitors in the industry. Candidates need to pass multiple selection steps and once selected, they go through various tough and professional training courses. More than current 100 funeral directors all possess college degrees or higher, pass physical, deportment, and style of conversation tests. Furthermore, they all show kindness and gratitude in their personalities and are familiar with professional funeral custom knowledge and culture. Lungyen Group also gives hiring priority to the candidates who experience family death within the past five years. Besides, Lungyen Group provides regular educational trainings and qualification tests for more than a year to the selected assistant funeral directors, so they can work on projects independently after passing the tests. All these efforts are made to provide customers with the highest standard services, giving the deceased a perfect finale at the very end of their lives. In addition to the basic deportment training, Lungyen Group employs Taiwan funeral custom expert, Professor Hsu Fu-Chan, as our advisor in charge of humane courses of funeral custom and hospice care. Practical operations include remains processing, put on shroud for the deceased, coffining, casket display, raising the spirit banner, burial and memorial ceremony designs, which provides funeral directors with complete professional training and each of them can work independently.


Moreover, the empathy from funeral director comforts the family the most, which gives family a channel to let out the grief and pain. Lungyen Group provides 24-hour funeral inquiry services to the family, which distinguishes Lungyen Group from the other competitors in the industry.


1. Educational Trainings of Funeral Directors 

Every professional funeral director receives a series of strict educational and professional trainings:

(1) Basic funeral service courses/3 months

Training course: Funeral procedures and taboos, basic funeral common sense and internship, basic funeral etiquette, ethics common sense, and understanding funeral documents.

(2) Funeral Director Courses and Practical Training/6 months

Training course: Current Funeral regulations and facility management, funeral coordination ability training, and exploring religious etiquette.

(3) Professional Funeral Director Cultivation/3 years

Training course: Funeral management knowledge, the comparison of different religious funeral ceremonies, high class and large scale funeral design, psychological knowledge of funeral coordination, related insurance and heritage knowledge.

(4) Senior Funeral Director Cultivation/5 years 

Training course: Professional funeral service etiquette research and inquiry counseling.


2. The Necessity of Funeral Director License 

(1) The management of the government: having stronger management on the companies.

(2) The services provided by the companies: enhancing service quality and employees quality through licensing.

(3) Maintain the dignity of the deceased and bring peace to the deceased and the family.

(4) Protect the rights of the consumers and make it consumer-oriented.

(5) The tendency of the development of the country: all occupations require profession and license.

(6) Going international: the challenge after becoming a member of W.T.O. 


3. Occupations related to funeral industry 

Burial staff, remains preservation staff, cosmetic staff, master of ceremony, cremation staff, cremated remains retriever, pet funeral staff, cemetery manager, grave site cement staff (R.O.C. Executive Yuan Council of Labor Affairs Occupation Categories, 2000).