Escaping from the mortal life yet staying inside the city, the park has a natural scene with numerous mountains surrounded by; people can see magnificent mountains and water everywhere. The natural scenes around the park are beautiful and pleasant. Standing on The terrain flat, people can appreciate peripherally natural magnificence, including wavy mountains which outline the graceful arc of the skyline afar; the scenery is like a carefully carved sculpture which is full of simple yet delicate sense of beauty. While standing at the higher spot in the park and overlook afar, people may immediately feel pleasant and frequently see butterflies flying joyfully, which bring more spiritual phenomenon inside the park and make people seem to enter a solitary wonderland.

About Art

The land which nurturing all creatures and the blue sky are all gifts from God. With gratitude and the backdrop of Heaven and Earth, the beautiful scenery full of prosperous solemnity and simple elegance is thus depicted and the park becomes the place for lives to rest eternally.

In the park, people can see beautiful artistic scenes everywhere, which form a picturesque fairyland with natural scenes. Time seems to stop here. Family members can recall their beloved ones in this silent space and make it their eternal memories.

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