Honesty is always our foundation

Every member in Lungyen Group is a seed of bodhi.

We nurture with goodwill, and forward love.

It is exactly due to the uniqueness of our service, that we are obliged to concern what are those that are neglected or hardly completed by usual companies, and can only achieved by us.

What matters is not about the size or level of our service. It's about the fact that we are helping those in need with our professional and wholehearted service. All of our devotion is thus meaningful. 


Founder Shih-Tsung Lee is a leader who always does rather than says, and what he does even surpasses what he says in great quantity. While Lungyen Group is affirming its leading position in the life service industry, providing services and products of higher quality has become our major aim undoubtedly. He always possesses the attitude and believe in the motto 'just do it wholeheartedly' in order to contribute to society. 


For the enterprises, donations are the simplest and the most explicit way of helping. But donations should not be the only standard for measuring the goodwill. On the contrary, Lungyen Group is more willing to help through low-key and down-to-earth means. We do those that others are not willing to. For years, in addition to local beneficiaries and environment protection, Lungyen Group is devoting even more efforts in disaster rescue. Meanwhile, 'Lungyen Foundation', which was founded in 2001, is mainly working on public welfare. Perhaps it is because that Lungyen Group is serving for human's life, what we concern more about is the goodwill we forward and the sincerity we pay back are really put upon those in need effectively, rather than announcing how much we have contributed loudly every year.  That's the mission that both parties are expecting and devoting. 


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4.Environmental Sustainability Development

5.Public Welfare Protection


Complete Corporate Social Responsibility Report of Year 2014

Complete Corporate Social Responsibility Report of Year 2013

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