The Best Provider Of Death Care Service in Greater China

Lungyen Group has been devoting to the development of funeral service, funeral products, and facility renovation since its establishment in 1992, seeking progress and renovation from the service. The company also provides continuous internal training and research, in order to maintain the service quality while satisfying different groups of clients, and to offer the society with the best funeral environment and services which expectedly will lead and create the service trend. 

Looking toward the future, Lungyen Group will start from 'Lungyen', expecting to become 'Lungyen of the 21st century, a cross-age gigantic dragon', while forwarding its core value: human-oriented, serve for all lives. Lungyen Group takes human-oriented measure as principles, as encouragement, and as the aim of its existence. To enhance clients' satisfaction, protect employees' welfare, create the profit for stakeholders, and enforce the payback to the society are Lungyen Group's mission. Lungyen Group is looking forward to further devoting itself to becoming the best trustee for death care service in greater China, with high vision, groundbreaking plans and humanitarian care. 


Implementing the Integration of Death Care Service

Based in the Baisha Bay Cemetery Park in northern Taiwan, Lungyen Group completed the True Dragon Tower, which is almost like a palace in Shangri La, within ten years, while launching outdoor cemetery products in Baisha Bay Cemetery Park continuously with enormous positive feedbacks from the clients. With the successful result of development and sales of funeral facilities and advanced experience from abroad, Lungyen Group signed a contract with Japan's SUN LIFE for funeral service knowhow interchange and cooperation, launching the first preneed funeral contract' in Taiwan's market and implement the integration of death care service.  To enhance the service quality and spectrum, Lungyen Group passed ISO 9001 in 2000 and became the first funeral service provider that meets the international standard in Asia, while expanding its business into death care service.


Professional, Credibility, and Mercy

Lungyen Group does not only serve the deceased and satisfy the demand from the family, but also offers to bridge the living and the deceased, fulfilling the mission combining service sector, culture sector, and humanitarian care as well as respect for life. We provide the greatest comfort and satisfaction to the family and friends of the deceased, and let the deceased rest in peace.

Wholehearted and warm service has always been Lungyen Group 's core value, and 'professional, credibility, and Mercy' are our core belief. Thus Lungyen Group  has been appreciated and complemented by families or groups related to the deceased. Lungyen Group continues to lead in the new era of delicate funeral service with its institutionalized operation, professional training, and transparent services. We take 100% satisfaction from clients as our fundamental service principle, wholeheartedly possessing our core value during the service, while completely implement the belief of 'professional, credibility, with human-oriented life service.

In order to provide the funeral environment and services of best quality to the society, Lungyen Group ceaselessly conducts the development and research to improve funeral service, funeral products and facilities. We believe: it is only through the continuous renovation and reform that we can change the traditional image of ugliness, rust, fear that funeral service used to have. It is also because Lungyen Group takes the funeral as a service in which we are trusted, we can establish the whole new culture of death care service that originated from humanity, and fulfill our promise to the society: lead, reform, and renovate, in order to let the deceased to finish the last part of his/her life journey in a respected and calm atmosphere, marking a perfect ending to their farewell to this world.