To be the “Best entrusted provider of memorial service in Greater China”

Since the establishment in 1992, Lungyen has devoting to the renovation of memorial service, funeral products and facilities. As the pioneer of Taiwan funeral industry, Lungyen built the “True Dragon Tower”, a solemn and sedate life palace with the highest standard of Steel-frame reinforced concrete (SRC) composite structure in late 90’; also introduced the Japanese professional death cleanup process and funeral floral altars to Taiwan market, contributed the level up of service quality and industry standard. Lungyen received ISO certification of quality management systems(ISO 9001) in 2000 and has become the first funeral service provider that met the international standard in Asia.

Lungyen merged Dahan Construction Corporation and listed on Taiwan's over-the-counter (OTC) market since 2011. We provides memorial services & products including cemeteries, Columbarium, funeral facilities & services, as well as prepaid funeral service contract. Lungyen not only developed and adheres to a prudent, transparent, accountable financial management, also takes corporate governance seriously. To further deepen the customer relationship, Lungyen has expanded the service centers networks and managing 7 cemeteries across the island nowadays. In addition, Lungyen invites many leading artists and an internationally renowned Japanese master architect to design top-notch cemetery products and sustainable ecological life memorial halls & parks, raising the industry benchmark relentlessly. In 2017, Lungyen decided to replicate the successful practices of Taiwan market to mainland China and built a life memorial park in Ruian, Wenzhou as our first presence. Looking forward, Lungyen will keep pursuing the endeavor of becoming the best entrusted provider of memorial service in Greater China.


An enthusiastic sponsor of social care and life education

Lungyen makes lots of contribution to local society actively since establishment by donating food and goods to disadvantaged families and people in need and sponsors many local authorities & charities. In the aspect of disaster relief, Lungyen also spared no effort to donate money and provide professional assistance/funeral services whenever needed.

Lungyen established Lungyen Charity Foundation in 2001with four major engagements:caring for the elderly, helping children with educationally disadvantaged in rural area, finical support to young medical talents and providing funeral service aids to disadvantaged death. As part of Lungyen’s social responsibility, the Foundation also holds various public events and charity talks to spread out the passion of social caring.


Lungyen, your entrusted service provider

With the core belief of 'Professional∙Trustworthy∙Compassionate', Lungyen has set up standard procedures of funeral services and strict training programs for funeral directors and counselors, which greatly raised the bar of service standard and enhanced the industry’s professional image . Lungyen therefore has won numerous awards for continuously leading in innovations.

Furthermore, Lungyen set up the first in class of prudent financial management system by issuing invoice for each transaction to customers; applied independent bank account for each cemetery’s sustaining management costs. As per regulatory requirement, the “Prepaid funeral service contract” must have 75% of the payment received held in trust. Lungyen ranks on top of the trust fund for many years, the trusted fund has far exceeding other industry players. All the invoices and the latest balance of trust fund can be found on Lungyen’s website at any time. These aforementioned management measures have exampled our self-control and the highest standard of corporate governance.

Lungyen has received the “CSR Excellence Award” organized by Taiwan’s leading business magazine: ‘Common Wealth’ for consecutive years, the great rewards for our continuous efforts in social care and memorial services in the communities. Our financial soundness, information disclosure, sustainable management have made Lungyen ranked as Top 5% of Corporate Governance in succession years by TPEx. Lungyen’s cemeteries and funeral services teams have been affirmed by local government for excellent performance continuously as well. With the goal of being the best brand in the minds of customers, our journey of pursuing the best never ceased. We will continue to shape Lungyen as the entrusted provider of memorial service in Greater China.